Sydney Elizabeth Slocum

Miss Heritage 

Hometown:    Olive Branch, Mississippi

Platform:       Autism in Young Adults-What’s After High School?

Talent:           Tap Dance

What college did you attend, or are currently attending?  Mississippi State University

What is your major?  Kinesiology

What is your scholastic ambition?  To obtain a degree in Kinesiology, attend medical school and become a Pediatrician.

List scholastic honors:  Awarded the Presidential Scholarship at Mississippi State University as a freshmen.

Greatest non-academic accomplishment: Being an Ambassador for the City of Olive Branch in 2015-2016.

What is your favorite style of music?  Pop –country

What is your favorite movie genre and why?  Romantic comedy – They are happy, feel good movies that always have happy endings!

What is your favorite gadget?  My Apple Watch

What is your favorite blog? The Sweetest Thing

What is your favorite place to visit?   Breckenridge, Colorado

What is your favorite food? Japanese Food

If you were on a deserted island, what book would you want with you?  Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Do you twitter? Very little

What is your favorite?

Sport: Baseball                                 Sports Team:  MS State Bulldogs

Actor: Matthew McConaughey      Actress:   Reese Witherspoon

Television Program:  Grey’s Anatomy or This is Us

Wardrobe Accessory: Earrings

Thing to do on a weekend: Shopping, Waterskiing or wakeboarding – watching baseball or hanging out with friends and family.

Way to spend a day off:  Spending time with family and friends

What is your hometown like? Olive Branch has the small town feel but big enough to have everything we need.  It is a great place to grow up.

What were you like when you were a child? I was a happy child.  Having three brothers, I was very competitive & always wanted to be hanging out with them or have them playBarbies with me!

Who is the most influential person in your life? My younger brother Seth.  He inspires me to work hard and face challenges head on.  He shows me that what’s impossible really means is “I’m Possible!”

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? That I am an extremely hard worker and a go getter.  That once I set my eyes on something I will work hard until I obtain my goal.

Describe one defining moment in your own life, other than winning your local title: Winning my first 6A state championship in Volleyball in 2012.  It showed me that hard work and perseverance really do pay off.

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program? How important meeting new friends are from different areas and walks of life.   My fellow pageant ladies that I have met in preliminaries have been amazing.  It’s taught me to value new friendships.

If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Year of Service? I will promote my platform as well as several others.  I would also like to be a mentor to children who are placed in foster homes to encourage their dreams.

What is your secret wish or dream? To travel throughout the world.

I’m motivated by: My mom and the thought of new clothes.

Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal platform? Yes, my brother, Seth is Autistic.  Since Seth graduated from high school with his occupational diploma, our family has realized that there aren’t as many options for him as there are other young adults our age.

What do you think has been the most significant event in your lifetime? Accepting Christ as my personal savior and getting baptized.

The one thing I can’t live without:  My family.

My best friend would describe me as:  Loyal and energetic

Something interesting about my family:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ We are a big close knit family, who are loud and exciting.  We love to do things together.  There is always something new and extremely entertaining when we are together.

Funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me: When I was 14, my older brothers, challenged me that I couldn’t eat more lemon Ice box pie than them at a restaurant we were eating at.  Little did I know after I ate 5 pieces of pie, that they didn’t even like lemon ice box and I looked like I hadn’t ever eaten dessert before.

Something I’d like to try that is out of character for me: To take my family and try out for the game show “Family Feud” so I could meet Steve Harvey.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and tell us their names: Yes, I have three dogs, Clare a Yellow Lab, Dorsey a yorkie-poo and Rylee a Red British Lab.