Elle Lingle

Miss Ridgeland

Hometown:  Ridgeland

Scholastic Ambition:   Obtain a B.S. Degree in Business Administration

Scholastic Honors:   Honor roll, Tri-M Music Honor Society

Talent:    Vocal “There’s a Place for Us”

Platform:   The Safe Horse Project

What makes you special and unique? I believe every person is special and unique in their own way.  My aspirations and my goals for life are what make me special.

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? People do not realize how shy I am.  It takes a little while for me to be comfortable in a strange environment or people I don’t know.

Best advice you have ever received? Never give up. If you want something bad enough, keep going for it.

What can’t you live without?       Horses.  My passion has always been horses.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?  Chocolate and ice cream

What is your favorite movie genre and why? My favorite movie genre is animation.  I love happy feel good movies.  Especially, ones about horses.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? I see myself graduated from college and pursuing my dream of riding on the United States Equestrian Team.

Most valuable lesson learned? I have learned to believe in myself and love myself after being bullied in elementary and middle school for being overweight.

Most valued role model (other than your mother) and why?   My father is my most valued role model. He has supported and encouraged me in everything I do. His constant support makes me want to do better.

What motivates you?  I love a challenge. I am a self-motivated leaner. I will go above and beyond to learn a new skill.

Greatest non-academic accomplishment other than winning your local title? Every championship I have won in my sport of hunter/jumper horse riding.

Best compliment you have ever received? You are beautiful inside and outside.

Secret wish or dream? My dream has always been to be on the United States Equestrian Team competing in the hunter/jumper sport.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Well…. can I say I wet my pants on a ropes course because I could not get down in time.

What is one thing you’d like to try that is out of character for you? I would love to try country music singing in Nashville.

What is your super power? My super power is being an optimist. I try to see the good in everything.

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen Program? Be yourself and don’t worry about what the other girls are doing.  Every contestant has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Describe yourself in one word. Fun

A Fun Family Fact? My family likes to listen to country music. We see who can shout out the artist and name of the song first.  I usually win.

My name is Elle Lingle, Miss Ridgeland’s Outstanding Teen.

I am a 15-year-old tenth grade student at Jackson Prep in Flowood, Mississippi.  In many ways, I am a typical 15-year-old.  I enjoy hanging around with friends, working at our farm, riding four-wheelers and riding and playing with our horses.  While school occupies a most of my day, I still run track, perform in our show choir, play basketball and my new sport, archery.  And, of course, do homework.  Jackson Prep believes in plenty of homework.  Mostly, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have two (2) grandmothers and one (1) grandfather.  We get together for dinner and get to visit.  My grandmother and grandfather Thornton live in Vicksburg.  My grandmother Lingle lives in Pearl but spends for dinner and get to visit.  a lot of time at our farm in Morton.  She has a big garden and I get to help her when I can.  I enjoy bringing my friends to the farm.  My grandmother Lingle cooks for us or lets us cook brownies.  We ride four-wheelers on the trails and in the pasture with cows.  We ride the horses on the same trails, but we have trained them to wade out in our lake.  We ride them into the deep water and use their backs as diving boards. The horses love wading in the water in the summer.  It’s a great time for them to cool off and for us to have a lot of fun.  My daddy taught me to drive our old Jeep in the hayfields.  It’s a standard shift and it took a lot of practice to shift smoothly.  I’ve got my driving permit, but I will get my license this May.  I can’t wait to enjoy the sense of freedom driving gives you.

I love competitive activities.  I have participated in the 4-H shooting program and qualified for the state championship with a .22 rifle.  My passion is riding hunter/jumper horses.  I started riding when my daddy put me in his lap on a horse when I was about a year old.  I started competitive riding when I was five (5) jumping X’s, a very low jump.  I learned the proper techniques and how to handle larger horses and higher jumps.  I now jump almost four (4) feet high and won a Championship on a speed course.  The Safe Horse Project was a natural choice for my platform.  I have a soft spot in my heart for animals, especially horses.  Yes, I have a pet pig, Pepper.  The Safe Horse Project saves horses from the slaughter house and abusive owners.  Many of these horses are good horses which have gotten older, or their owners can’t afford them. Helping these horses and finding them new homes gives me satisfaction and a terrific feel good moment.

My platform is The Safe Horse Project.

Thousands of horses are abandoned, neglected, abused and/or sent to slaughter each year in Mississippi.  My mission is to bring awareness to this issue and other issues facing horses in our state.  Every state has laws that define animal abuse or neglect; penalties often vary from state to state.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to enforce these laws unless an animal is already suffering or near death.

The Safe Horse Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating, training, and finding homes for abused and abandoned horses. Additionally, they provide assistance to other horse rescue organizations, law enforcement and owners in need across Mississippi. Their network of volunteers consists of veterinarians, farriers, trainers, riders, and many others.  From retirees to middle school students, we all share one thing-a love for these magnificent animals.

My family and I have already adopted three miniature horses and two quarter horses and one donkey who live at our farm in Gluckstadt, Mississippi.  This situation has made me realize how much I could help other horses in our state by helping find homes for these animals.