Colby Brumfield

Miss Warren County

Hometown:  Vicksburg, MS

Platform:       Just Jump

Talent:           Vocal

What college did you attend, or are currently attending?  Mississippi College

What is your major?  Music

What is your scholastic ambition?  To obtain a degree in Music at Mississippi College, then immediately following graduation, I plan to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene from The University of Mississippi Medical Center.

List scholastic honors: Awarded several vocal, choral, and music education scholarships.

Greatest non-academic accomplishment:  Performing the role of Little Red in Mississippi College’s production of “Into the Woods”.

What is your favorite style of music?  Being a music major, you would think broadway, classical, or opera; and while I do enjoy these genres in small doses, I love a variety of music from classic rock all the way to country.

 What is your favorite movie genre and why? Depending upon my mood, I love to sit down and enjoy a light-hearted film, most of the time these movies are romantic comedies– but I do love a good thriller!

 What is your favorite gadget?  I love my Apple Watch because it helps me stay on track with my fitness goals for the day, but it also allows me to store my phone in my bag and visit with friends and family while still being aware of incoming texts and calls.

What is your favorite blog? The best blogs, in my opinion, are those that pertain to health and fitness. Reading these inspires me to continue on my path of personal health and wellbeing.

What is your favorite place to visit? I love to go any place with mountains and lakes. There is nothing like enjoying God’s beautiful creation with family and friends!

What is your favorite food?  I love a good milkshake.

If you were on a deserted island, what book would you want with you?  I could read the book of Psalms repeatedly and constantly be reminded of the comfort of God. What better book than the Bible to have with you when stranded on a remote island?

Do you twitter? Yes, I love to see what my friends are doing and stay updated with quick current events when I can’t watch the news!

What is your favorite?

Sport:            Baseball                               Sports Team:  Atlanta Braves

Actor: Robert Downey Junior      Actress: Meg Ryan

Television Program: Chip and Jo always brighten my day on “Fixer Upper.”

Wardrobe Accessory: I can never go without earrings

Thing to do on weekend: Without a doubt, spend time with my family.

Way to spend a day off:  Plan my week ahead and then relax.

What is your hometown like?  My hometown is rich in both history and culture. The people here work diligently everyday and understand the importance of education.

What were you like when you were a child?  My mother says I’ve always been a caregiver and nurturer with a passion for people and a curiosity to see other parts of the world. Thankfully caring for people around the world through mission trips has allowed me to do both.

Who is the most influential person in your life? If I had to choose one person that has influenced me the most, it would be my Mammaw.  Her selflessness has always inspired me.

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? Most people don’t realize how much I enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Describe one defining moment in your own life, other than winning your local title: I think that finally coming to the realization that I am completely capable of whatever I set my mind to is helping to shape my future in ways I never thought possible.

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program? There are so many things I have learned: time management, physical fitness, persistence are a few; but the one thing I have seen is that people are constantly looking for encouragement and positivity.  The title holders in the Miss America program do just that, we encourage and we share positivity with those in need of a smile or a helping hand.

If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Yearof Service? I want to encourage daily movement in the lives of young childrenthroughout the state of Mississippi by hosting “Jump Jump” days in as many schools as possible.  Putting a jump-rope in a child’s hand is a simple way to benefit the life of a child.

What is your secret wish or dream?  I secretly wish I could record my own album in Nashville.

I’m motivated by:  My family. They incessantly motivate me to press forward in all my endeavors to reach my goals and ambitions, and they help me realize my goals are attainable.

Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal platform? Growing up, I watched my parents struggle with obesity and weight-loss.  My mother never wanted her children to experience what she did, so she encouraged us to stay active and play outside.  Now I get to do the same thing with hundreds of children from around our state.

What do you think has been the most significant event in your lifetime? Accepting Christ as my savior so that I may serve him on earth and spend an eternity with Him in heaven has been the most significant event in my lifetime and will remain the most significant.

The one thing I can’t live without: Family. They are my constant encouragers and supporters, and I don’t know where I’d be in life if I didn’t have them!

My best friend would describe me as: Genuine, I am a very approachable person. I won’t let you down in your time of need.

Something interesting about my family: My dad is an incredible fisherman, and has even won a boat!  He taught us all to fish at very young age, and we have all participated in many fishing tournaments. Watching my father pursue his passion has taught me valuable lessons in outdoor safety and wildlife conservation; but it has also taught me the value of setting goals and working to see dreams come to fruition.

Funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me: My parents tell me that when I was barely three, my younger brother was crying on the floor because he had just been hurt, and my parents asked him, “Are you going to live?”. My brother answered “NOOO!” (obviously being overly dramatic) and without missing a beat, I said “Well, I will miss you!”.

One thing I’d like to try that is out of character for me:  I’ve always had an adventurous spirit, so trying new things is not out of the question for me, unless it’s eating bugs or vegetables.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and tell us their names:  I have a Giant Schnauzer named Bella Boo Brumfield.