Caidyn Crowder

Miss Jones County

Hometown:   Ellisville, Mississippi


Social Impact Initiative Description:     The purpose of Mission Monday is to impact the lives of children in every local community. The program seeks to mentor children while building relationships and providing a safe and fun environment for tutoring, organized games, crafts and meals.

Talent:      Vocal Performance – “The Glory of Love”

What college do you attend, or have attended, or will attend if High School graduating senior?      Jones College

What is your major?     Bio Chemistry

List scholastic honors:     Magna Cum Laude graduate of South Jones High, Ms Scholars, Recipient of the Libby Dyess Memorial Scholarship, Recipient of Distinguished Young Woman Essay and Talent Scholarships

What is your scholastic ambition?     To obtain a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Master of Science in Medicine to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant

Greatest non-academic accomplishment:      Winning three solo competitions during my senior show choir competition season.

What has been your greatest adventure?  Please provide an answer outside of the Miss America program.     My greatest adventure was traveling to New York City.  I had the opportunity to discover firsthand the well-known land marks such as the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Empire State Building, and Central Park, as well as attending several of my favorite Broadway musicals.  This adventure allowed me to compare the lifestyles of a large busy city, cultural diversity and allowed me to see the greatness of my own state in comparison.   Both places are incredible, but it is wonderful to live in the great State of Mississippi.

What trip shaped your life? Please provide an answer distinct from your social impact initiative.     I traveled to Houston, Texas, and was given the opportunity to volunteer with a women’s homeless shelter.  I served meals each day and visited with the women for a period of time after serving meals.  This was an interesting opportunity to experience these women in such a vulnerable place in life, but also how determined they were to put the pieces of their lives back together and move forward.  Each of them seemed to be striving to make a difference with the second chance afforded to them with the structured opportunities provided by the shelter.


Use three (3) words to describe your greatest assets.    Enthusiastic – I enjoy meeting new people and embracing adventure.  Loyal – being reliable, devoted and trustworthy.  Talented – using the gifts and talents unique to me to help others.

Are you a person of intelligence or of common sense?      A person of common sense

Who is the most influential person in your life other than your mother?    Kellee Smith – former teacher, mentor and friend

What are your 2 favorite hobbies and what led you to them? Participation in the Miss Mississippi program is not considered a hobby for this question.      My two favorite hobbies are singing and traveling.  Participating in local theater as well as school and community activities allowed me to develop a love for music.  My family has always been involved with local community activities which has allowed for much opportunity to travel new places.

Who is your most interesting relative and why?     My most interesting relative is my brother, Reeves. We have an interesting dynamic as brother and sister.  He is totally opposite of me and tends to have such incredible instinct, character and distinct personality traits that inspire me to think outside the box and be unique.  He helps me see things from a different perspective.

What is the best advice you have received and from whom? Please answer this question with information from outside of the Miss America program.      The best advice given to me is to not be bogged down by certain struggles that do not define who I am.  Keep pursuing and moving forward while developing the needed skills and knowledge to reach the intended goal even if the outcome is not what I expected.  This was given to me by Tina Walters.

What is your favorite quote?     The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet. – author unknown

Who is your most influential mentor and why? Please answer this question with an individual from outside of the Miss America program.     Jesse Smith.  He believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.   He knows that I can do the impossible when I feel like I cannot.  With any question that I ask, he gives me the advice that achieves the goal that is beyond my current expectation.  He has supported me in anything that I have chosen to pursue.

Other than being Miss Mississippi, what is your dream job?      My dream job is to be cast as an original member of a broadway musical.

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize?      Most people do not immediately realize I am a very messy person.  I need a part of my life to be somewhat unorganized.

What success have you learned most from?  Please answer this question with an experience outside of the Miss America program.      Being chosen as Distinguished Young Woman of Jones County was a life changing experience.  It was very difficult to prepare for so many areas of competition and compete to the best of my ability in each area of competition.  It has allowed me to face many challenges and push through the difficulty.  I became more than I thought I could be.

What failure have you learned most from? Please answer this question with an experience outside of the Miss America program.      I competed for State Beta Club Officer.  There are things that are not meant for me to obtain, accomplish or even win in life.  But if I do my best I have gained knowledge and skill.  There is much success in learning from a failure and striving to be better in all things.  I may not reach the goal intended, but I can certainly try, try, again.

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program?       I have learned that it is very important not to procrastinate and to never doubt myself.

If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Year of Service?      I want to bring growth to the organization and be an asset to the Miss Mississippi organization as well as the Miss America organization. I hope to bring awareness of my social impact initiative and move it forward across the state of Mississippi, the United States as well as other parts of the world.

Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal social impact project?      This program has been a part of my life back to the age of 9.  I participated in Mission Monday Mentoring as a child and then reached the age to participate as a group leader and become a mentor. It has impacted my life and the lives of many others and allowed me to build relationships with children who face incredible social, educational and cultural challenges.

When is your sense of humor most evident?       My sense of humor is most evident when I am with my closest friends.  

What historical figure best represents who you are striving to be?      Abraham Lincoln.  Even though he was the President of the United States and was very influential, he was motivated to relate to all people and took the time to listen to the views of other people even if he did not agree.

What gadget can you not live without?      My mini Keurig coffee maker

What is your favorite sport and sport team?      My favorite sport is baseball and my favorite team is the New York Yankees