Audrey Elyse Williams

Miss Tupelo

Hometown:   Iuka

Scholastic Ambition:   After high school graduation, I plan to pursue a degree in biomechanical engineering

Scholastic Honors:   All A Honor Roll, Beta Club, Top of the Tribe, Miss IMS

Talent: vocal performance

Platform:   Cystic Fibrosis Awareness


What makes you special and unique? I believe one special thing about me is my drive to succeed.  When I set a goal, I never stop until it is reached.

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? One thing people often don’t realize about me at first glance is my Southern accent. It sometimes surprises people after they listen to me talk for a bit.

Best advice you have ever received? The best advice I have ever received is from my family, to pray-anytime about anything.  Prayer has lead me through many tough times.

What can’t you live without? Without a doubt, I couldn’t live without my family. They are the most important people in my life. I couldn’t make it a day without their love and support.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Ice cream is my biggest guilty pleasure!  Especially with lots of yummy toppings!

What is your favorite movie genre and why? I am a sucker for all things Disney!  I also love any of the Pixar movies.  My favorites are the Disney Channel Classics.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?  In ten years, I hope to have earned a degree in biomedical engineering, and to be working in a job making artificial organs to help those needing transplants. I want my life’s work to make a difference.

Most valuable lesson learned? One of the most valuable life lessons I have learned is that sometimes, “It just is what it is.”  You can’t always control what happens, and you can’t always have your way.  But, you can always control your reaction to what happens, and you can always learn and grow from your experiences.

Most valued role model (other than your mother) and why? My most valued role model is my grandmother.  She has the biggest heart and always puts other above herself.

What motivates you? Each time I compete or strive toward a goal and come up short, it motivates me to keep trying and makes me even more hungry to conquer the challenge in order to achieve success.

Greatest non-academic accomplishment other than winning your local title? I was recently voted “Class Favorite” by my peers.  I was so honored to receive this distinction, and I am proud that my classmates can see my desire to be kind and friendly to everyone.

Best compliment you have ever received? One of the best compliments I have ever received was that I am kind to others, and that I have a good heart.

Secret wish or dream? I secretly dream of being able to lead worship in front of crowds all over the world.  I love to sing, and I especially love using this gift to glorify and honor God.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? When I won my title, my mom freaked out and started cheering loudly for me as they were calling my name.  It was embarrassing but I couldn’t help but laugh.  She is my biggest supporter!

What is one thing you’d like to try that is out of character for you? I would love to try some exotic and foreign foods, especially while traveling.  I am typically a bit of a home-body, and would like to expand my horizons.  I’d love to be more adventurous!

What is your super power? I would say my super power is being able to juggle all of my activities and school work. It takes a lot of effort to get everything done.

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen Program? This is my first year in Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen Program, and I have already developed so many new social and public speaking skills that I know I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

Describe yourself in one word. Joyful

A Fun Family Fact? My family and I live on a cattle farm and spend a lot of time taking care of the cutest creatures. One of our cows recently had twins!


Hi ya’ll!  My name is Audrey Williams, and I am Miss Tupelo’s Outstanding Teen 2020.  I am a Southern girl at heart, and I love to sing all day, every day.  Becoming a part of Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen program has allowed me to learn so many new life skills and discover things about myself! I have learned new speaking and leadership skills that have made an impact on my life already.

I love to be involved at school, and I spend most of my free time participating in numerous extracurricular activities. When I am not cheerleading, playing soccer, or performing with my school’s show choir, you can find me spending time with friends and family.  My favorite down-time activities include being cuddled up watching a Disney movie, or jamming out to some old school Justin Bieber songs. I enjoy the comfort of my couch, surrounded by the people I love most. If I’m not watching High School Musical or Elf for the millionth time, I can probably be found at my church worshipping with my family. Faith is the most important aspect of my life, and I try to carry that passion with me in all that I do every day. When I believe in something, I give it my all and work hard to meet every goal.  I believe it is so important to be respectful and kind to every human, no matter what.  I also believe in working hard and giving your best in everything that you do, and in doing so, inspiring others to do their best as well. 

One of my best friends, Will was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was ten days old.  Cystic fibrosis, CF, is a genetic disease that causes the body to produce too much mucus in many organs, especially the lungs.  The mucus build-up results in difficulty breathing and affects other bodily functions such as the proper digestion of fats consumed.  Will has been battling CF for almost fifteen years now, and he is one of the strongest people that I know.  He is the inspiration for my platform.  Growing up with Will and seeing all that he has experienced and endured has made me feel very strongly that awareness about this disease and funding for research and treatments is sorely lacking. 


There is currently no cure for CF, but just last year, a new “miracle drug” was introduced and received FDA approval for the treatment of CF.  Trikafta works by counter-acting or over-riding the proteins that are firing incorrectly in the cells of a CF patient. It can help the mutation in these proteins to correct itself.  As it is a new drug, many insurance companies do not have it listed on their “approved” drug lists, and so many patients who could benefit from treatment with this life-changing, medicine are unable to get it.  The cost is astronomical ($24,000 for a month’s supply) without insurance benefits.  Will would have never had the opportunity to receive this treatment without intervention by many elected officials state-wide after an extensive social media blitz on his behalf.  I would like to use my title to bring attention to this disease and the struggles that the patients and family members deal with on a daily basis, and I would especially like to help increase availability and knowledge about this new medicine and any other treatments in order to ensure that all who qualify for treatment with these medicines are able to get them.  This new medicine is changing and prolonging lives.  At Will’s first check-up after only two weeks of treatment, he had increased lung function by 15%, he had gained weight (something that he constantly struggles with), and he had grown almost two inches. I am a firm believer that a small spark can start a flame, and I am ready to be a wildfire of growth and awareness for cystic fibrosis patients everywhere.