Annabelle Bunch

Miss North Central MS

Hometown:  Saltillo, MS

Hobbies:  dance, fishing, deer hunting, cheerleading

School:  Itawamba Agricultural High School

Scholastic Ambition:  To obtain a MBA degree and become an entrepreneur…to create a product or service to make the world a better place.

Scholastic Honors: Completed both 9th and 10th grade Honors English, 3rd place in the IAC Science Fair, IAC Honor Roll, Accelerated English, Classroom Mentor for Foundations of Algebra

Talent: Vocal

Platform: Just Too Sweet! – Awareness, Advocacy, and Action to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

What makes you special and unique? 

I am living proof that normal is what you make it.

What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize?

I live with and manage an autoimmune disease – Type 1 Diabetes.

Best advice you have ever received?

If you are always trying to be “normal”, you will never know how amazing you can actually be.

What can’t you live without?

Insulin – it’s a must!

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A strawberry milkshake from In-N-Out.  It is not good for me, but my goodness, it is wonderful!

What is your favorite movie genre and why?

Definitely comedy.  Humor heals the soul and I love funny things and to laugh.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I will be a new college graduate pursuing a career in business.

Most valuable lesson learned?

At a very young age I learned what to say and what not to say in certain situations.

Most valued role model (other than your mother) and why?

Miss Mississippi 2011, Mary Margaret Roark because serving as her princess changed my life for the better.  She gave me so many opportunities to learn, grow, and celebrate who I am and how I can serve others.

What motivates you?

Being told that I can’t do something because I am a girl.

Greatest non-academic accomplishment other than winning your local title?

Raising over $13000 to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Best compliment you have ever received?

The most meaningful compliment I have ever received is that I am fun to be around.

Secret wish or dream?

To star in a movie with David Caruso!

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

My first t-ball game I swung the bat and hit the ball really hard.  Everyone yelled run, Annabelle, run – I dropped my head and stood perfectly still.  When my dad said you have to run to first base, I looked up, put my hands on my hips and said I am not running in front of all these people.  I became the t-ball bat girl for the rest of the season.

What is one thing you’d like to try that is out of character for you?

Skydiving.  Someone will have to push me out of the plane, but once airborne I think it will be awesome.

What is your superpower?

Reading minds – at least my parents.  You know that look speaks volumes!

What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss Mississippi Program?

No matter what life throws your way, you must adapt, recover and keep moving forward!

Describe yourself in one word.


A Fun Family Fact?

Every summer for the last 28 years, 22 members of my family ranging from ages newborn to 85, have vacationed together for an entire week in the same house.

Please write a short essay (2 or 3 paragraphs) describing yourself to the people viewing the website. Let people know who you really are. Keep in mind the questions you’ve already been asked and include other things that you would like people to know about you.

Hello, my name is Annabelle Bunch and I have the incredible opportunity to serve as Miss North Central Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2018. As a product of the Princess program being in the Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen pageant is a natural progression for my journey to success.

Currently I am a junior at Itawamba Agricultural High School where I am a cheerleader and a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I have studied voice for 2 years, piano for 3 years and dance for 9 years.  My favorite style of dance is clogging. I have two dogs:  Princess, Max and one cat:  Dabby. My favorite meal is breakfast and my favorite color is turquoise.  I love, love, love my cell phone.  It is fun to connect with others but it has taught me the value of taking time to disconnect and enjoy the world happening around me.

I have a real passion for finding a cure for Type One Diabetes because at the age of four I began the journey of managing a disease 24/7/365.  My journey has taught me acceptance, compassion and to overcome adversity. This program inspires me to inspire others.

Please write a short essay (2 or 3 paragraphs) explaining your passion for your platform and your stance on the subject. Be sure to name your platform and give a brief explanation of its purpose as well.

Just Too Sweet! is designed to promote awareness, advocacy and action in the fight to find a cure for Type One diabetes.  Type One Diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas loses the ability to produce insulin — a hormone essential to turning food into energy. It strikes both children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet and lifestyle. It requires constant carbohydrate counting, blood-glucose testing and a lifelong dependence on injected insulin.

On February 23, 2006, I was diagnosed with Type One diabetes at the age of 4.  My life changed forever that day.  Being insulin dependent, it is important to eat healthy, exercise and check my blood sugar 6 to 8 times.