The Miss Mississippi Corporation Magnolia Prince/Princess Program is for young ladies/gentleman age seven to ten. The purpose of this program is to mentor those young ladies/gentlemen who have an interest in someday competing in or working on the Miss Mississippi Pageant and promoting community service. The current Miss Mississippi Pageant local titleholders will serve as mentors to the Magnolia Princes/Princesses! All Magnolia Princes/Princesses will participate in some aspect of the stage production numbers which will be part of a major live television show, thus building confidence and self-esteem along with artistic ability.

The Prince/Princess will have the opportunity as provided by the local pageant director and local titleholder, to be part of the titleholder’s year. She/He is encouraged to attend assemblies and meetings where the local titleholder will speak and/or perform, with her, etc. The local title holder is encouraged to engage the prince/princess in any activity that she can to make her/him feel a part of her year as she/he prepares for the Miss Mississippi Pageant, as she/he represents her local pageant at various events throughout the year and as she/he promotes her platform and community service activities. If the prince/princess has the local titleholder at her school, visits her/his classroom or church youth group; she/he is the official hostess/host for the local titleholder.