Kaylee Scroggins

Miss Metro Jackson
Hometown: Brandon, MS
Platform: Positive Self Image
Talent: Tap Dancing
What college did you attend, or are currently attending? I will be attending The University of Southern Mississippi in the fall of 2015
What is your major? Business/Marketing
What is your scholastic ambition? To obtain a master’s degree in Business and Marketing
List scholastic honors: Selected a Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities & Colleges, Alpha Beta Gamma club member and I received the Jack and Angela Hite Hinds Hi-Stepper Leadership Scholarship Award
Greatest non-academic accomplishment: To volunteer at my local fire department in Brandon, Ms. with the Langford Fire Department and to make a difference in my community
What is your favorite style of music? Pop
What is your favorite movie genre and why? Action, because you can anticipate, but you never really know what’s going to happen next in the movie
What is your favorite gadget? My Apple Computer
What is your favorite blog? I don’t have a blog
What is your favorite place to visit? Disney World
What is your favorite food? Lasagna
If you were on a deserted island, what book would you want with you? My Bible
Do you twitter? Yes
What is your favorite? Sport: Dance Sports Team: USM Actor: Brad Pitt Actress: Jennifer Anniston Television Program: Chicago Fire and Chicago Police Department Wardrobe Accessory: Earrings Thing to do on a weekend: Relax and spend time with friends and my family Way to spend a day off: Spending time with my boyfriend and my family
Please keep the answers to the following question to two sentences or less
What is your hometown like? My hometown is Brandon, MS. and it is a great place to live. The people of my hometown show hospitality by talking to strangers, being nice to others, and just having a warm welcome to everyone
What were you like when you were a child? I was very shy and timid. I was a girly-girl at heart, but since I have a brother, I also played with him and his friends
Who is the most influential person in your life? My mother is the most influential person in my life. She has played both the mother and father role throughout my whole life and has always been there for me when I needed her the most
What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? I contracted Spinal Meningitis and Encephalitis when I was only two and a half years old. I was very sick for several weeks
Describe one defining moment in your own life, other than winning your local title: My defining moment was when my Dance Director, Ms. Angela Hite from Hinds Community College, called me to inform me that I not only made the team for Hinds Hi-Steppers- but I was also chosen one of the three Captains! I was so excited and so honored to have that title of Captain
What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program? One important thing is giving to others like the contestants do by donating money to the Children’s Miracle Network for participating in these pageants
If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Year of Service? I want to encourage young girls to love themselves and that they need to accept their imperfections within themselves. Their differences and imperfections make them who they are and that makes a person unique and special just like my platform, Positive Self-Image
What is your secret wish or dream? I dream that I can be a successful and a strong woman just like my mom
I’m motivated by: Going to school and getting an education to provide for my family and myself in the future
Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal platform? Yes, my personal connection is throughout my childhood, I was called different or odd because I had red hair and because of my body size. I begged my mom to let me dye my hair a different color which she never allowed. I am happy that she didn’t because it just shows that I am not different or odd, but that I am unique. I have learned to accept my body size because it is genetics and I have a high metabolism
What do you think has been the most significant event in your lifetime? The most significant event in my life is being baptized at my church at First Baptist Church in Brandon, Ms
The one thing I can’t live without: My family is the one thing I could never life without
My best friend would describe me as: She would describe me as trustworthy, honest and being a very good friend
Something interesting about my family: Something interesting would have to be that we are animal lovers so we have a lot of pets at my house
Funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me: One of the funniest things that has ever happened to me is having my mom wait in the car for me while I went into a store. I was too busy talking on my cell phone on the way out of the store and I got into a similar looking car with a complete stranger. It’s funny now, but I was completely embarrassed at that time
One thing I’d like to try that is out of character for me: One thing I would like to try is sky diving because even though that is a risk, I would love to try it! I would love to feel the wind in my hair and feel like I could fly
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and tell us their names: I have 5 dogs: Two labs named Hershey and Chrissey, One Schnauzer named Skippy, One Beagle name Molly and one Yorkie named Paisley. I have Three cats named Puddie, Sunny and Remmie