Hannah Hathorn

Miss Clinton
Hometown: Shannon, MS
Platform: Child Mentoring
Talent: Vocal Performance
What college did you attend, or are currently attending? Mississippi State University
What is your major? Social Work
What is your scholastic ambition? To obtain my bachelor’s degree from MSU, followed by a master’s degree
List scholastic honors: Graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, Beta Club
Greatest non-academic accomplishment: As a part of my platform of child mentoring and my involvement with the Boys and Girls Club of the Golden Triangle, I initiated, organized, and implemented the MENTOR ME organization at Mississippi State University. Mentor Me is an official campus organization that I designed to encourage university students to become involved in mentoring young children and to specifically provide up to 150 student mentors for the children at the Boys and Girls Club
What is your favorite style of music? Country and Acoustical Pop
What is your favorite movie genre and why? My favorite movies are those that portray human emotion and crisis, always with a happy ending. I am addicted to the Hallmark Channel and could sit and watch those movies for hours. In the same way, the typical chick flicks suit my fancy as well
What is your favorite gadget? My I-phone and my apple TV
What is your favorite blog? I don’t follow any particular blog, but do enjoy keeping up with Kira Kazantsez, Miss America 2015
What is your favorite place to visit? Anywhere there is sand and water
What is your favorite food? Fresh guacamole
If you were on a deserted island, what book would you want with you? My Bible, because if everything else were taken away, my understanding and experience of my faith could sustain me
Do you twitter? Yes, but I don’t tweet often
What is your favorite? Sport: Football Sports Team: Mississippi State Bulldogs Actor: George Tucker Actress: Kerry Washington Television Program: Gray’s Anatomy Wardrobe Accessory: Shoes, without a doubt Thing to do on a weekend: Shop….I have to make up for what I don’t get to do during the week Way to spend a day off: I want to curl up and watch season after season of my favorite tv shows on Hulu
Please keep the answers to the following question to two sentences or less
What is your hometown like? My hometown is very, very small, rather quiet, and very simple. We have only the bare necessities….a grocery store, a gas station, a bank, a restaurant, and a Dollar General….we don’t even have a stoplight
What were you like when you were a child? As a child I was fun-loving and sensitive, but was an overweight tomboy who wanted to be just like my brothers
Who is the most influential person in your life? My parents are, without a doubt, the most influential people in my life. I have received valuable input from various people along the way, but my parents are the ones who have not only loved me unconditionally, but have instilled the morals and values into me that have shaped me into who I am today
What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? Even though I am very outgoing and talkative, I hate to talk on the telephone
Describe one defining moment in your own life, other than winning your local title: After enrolling at Mississippi State University I made the decision to join a sorority, not knowing what would be involved or even if I would be accepted. After the recruitment process, and being highly courted by one of my “sisters” who I met the summer before at the Miss Mississippi Pageant, I was chosen by Delta Gamma to become a part of their sisterhood
What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program? I have learned that through the hard work and preparations necessary to win, I have become a better person, more equipped for life, and better trained in talent and communication than I would have ever been had I not taken on the discipline necessary to succeed in this system. If I never win the state crown, I can honestly say that I am better for having been through the system for these years that I have been a part of it
If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Year of Service? I have two things that I would like to accomplish. The first would be to educate the public on who Miss America/Miss Mississippi is and what the pageant is all about, to include understanding of scholarship and accomplishment, not just “a beauty pageant”. And, the second would be to promote the necessity of child mentoring across the state and become involved in every way possible in assisting children of all backgrounds in accomplishing their goals and dreams
What is your secret wish or dream? My secret wish or dream would be to drop all of my other activities and educational endeavors and to spend 9 months in Mexico attending Spanish school at the Roca Blanca Mission Base learning to speak Spanish
I’m motivated by: my goals and passions. If I set a particular goal that is very important to me, then I am motivated to do whatever necessary to reach that goal and if I am passionate about something that I truly believe in, then I will work endlessly to make a difference in that area of my life and involvement
Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal platform? While my parents and other adults provided excellent mentors in my life, I have always been drawn to others who are at-risk, underprivileged, and struggling in life, as well as I have always been concerned for the un-friended and underdog. After volunteering at both the elementary school and the Boys and Girls Club, I saw the difference in the lives of the children in whom I took a personal interest, and I knew that I had to give myself to making a difference in as many children as I possibly could
What do you think has been the most significant event in your lifetime? Without a doubt the most significant event in my lifetime has been the election of an African-American to the presidency of the United States. Although the most noted parts of the civil rights movement happened prior to my birth, I know that after hearing of the struggles for equality, the election of Barak Obama was landmark for all concerned
The one thing I can’t live without: I cannot live without my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am a very “real” young woman who has a very deep faith
My best friend would describe me as: My best friend would describe me as kind, compassionate, and emotionally sensitive, but not a “softy”. They would say I am determined and opinionated, and don’t back down easily when I “know” I am right
Something interesting about my family: My dad is 7’2” tall and my mom is 5’2” tall. My dad jokes and says that he had to marry a short woman to keep from having giants for children. My brothers are 6’4” and 6’3”, while I am only 5’5”
Funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me: One fall while some of my sorority sisters and I were making a quick run through the drive through at Wendy’s in my car during the noon rush hour, my car went dead and would not start. the people behind me were honking at us, and no matter how frantically I tried to start my car, it would not cooperate, so finally when the Wendy’s staff realized what had happened, several of the employees came outside and pushed my car out of the way
One thing I’d like to try that is out of character for me: I have an adventuresome spirit, but am afraid to do things that are daring or dangerous. I’d love to sky dive, rock climb, or scuba dive, or anything that would take me out of my comfort zone, to experience something that I ordinarily would be afraid to do
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and tell us their names: My “baby” and night partner (under the covers) is a blue Great Dane named Ellie, who thinks she is human