Arrielle Marie Dale

Miss New South
Hometown: Meridian, MS
Platform: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Talent: “Imagine” Contemporary Dance
What college did you attend, or are currently attending? University of Southern Mississippi
What is your major? Dance Education
What is your scholastic ambition? To obtain a graduate degree in Dance Education, where I will have a licensure to teach dance in the school system
List scholastic honors: Recipient of a $6,000 scholarship from the Partnership of a Healthy Mississippi as part of the RAT Pack – Reject All Tobacco
Greatest non-academic accomplishment: Being accepted into the International Performing Arts institute for the summer of 2014. This is a residency artist musical theater study located in Germany
What is your favorite style of music? As a dance major, I enjoy all types of music, but if I had to choose a style that I could listen to for hours, it would be classical. The variety of the instruments involved amazes me
What is your favorite movie genre and why? Romantic Comedy. I love how this type of movie genre brings so many memories of endless amounts of girl talks, a buffet of sweets, and a multitude of nail polish colors
What is your favorite gadget? With academics and dance classes, being on time is important. My favorite gadget is my watch because without it I feel lost and I cannot keep up with my busy schedule
What is your favorite blog? This is a Christian blog written by a strong Christian woman named Jasmine Cochran
What is your favorite place to visit? Due to my love of musicals, shopping, and different cultures. New York, New York is my absolute favorite place to visit
What is your favorite food? Homemade Holiday chex mix. This a traditional snack my family makes during the holidays
If you were on a deserted island, what book would you want with you? My devotional book written by Sarah Young titled Jesus Calling
Do you twitter? No. I am so busy with academics and dance class so, I really don’t have time to tweet
What is your favorite? Sport: Football Sports Team: The Saints Actor: Steve Corell Actress: Ann Hathaway Television Program: “Say Yes to the Dress” -My dad and I watch this show all the time together Wardrobe Accessory: My gold necklace with one pearl on it. It symbolizes growth and beauty as a young adult Thing to do on a weekend: I enjoy spending time with family and friends while playing many board and card games. Our favorite game is Heads Up Way to spend a day off: When I have a day off from teaching dance at the studio, I enjoy going to a USM basketball game. Southern Miss To The Top
Please keep the answers to the following question to two sentences or less
What is your hometown like? Meridian is known for its many festivals, great local restaurants, and amazing attractions. Meridian is the birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers, the father of country music. We also have many historical places to visit. The MSU Riley Center for Education and Performing Arts and the Temple Theatre provide first class entertainment. After taking in a show at one of these venues, you can visit our historic restaurant, Weidmann’s, and feast on good southern cooking for dinner. You don’t want to pass up their peanut butter pie either! From riding the Carousel in Highland Park, to tubing at Okatibee Lake, to hiking at the beautiful Bonita Trails, Meridian has plenty of adventure to offer. I like to think of Meridian as a city where history comes to life
What were you like when you were a child? I have two older brothers so as a child I was very independent. It was not everyday that I could get my brothers to play tea party with me or dress up, but some days I did
Who is the most influential person in your life? I had a teacher who was such an inspiration to me in the classroom as well as a strong role model in her faith. Mrs. Watson always taught me to never give up on my dreams and to always rely on God when you have struggles. She always pushed me to be successful in school and to never give up when times get tough. She recently passed away due to cancer, but I will always have her strength guiding me through life
What is the one thing about you that people you meet may not immediately realize? I am very genuine and sincere. When you meet me, you can see that I am very outgoing and energetic, but I really enjoy getting to know people. Everyone who walks into your life has a purpose. So, having the opportunity to learn something new about someone is exciting
Describe one defining moment in your own life, other than winning your local title: Going to college is a big step in one’s life. I will say attending my second choice of college has been a life changing experience. I got accepted into a musical theatre school in NY, NY. I was unable to attend so I chose to attend USM and become a Dance Education major. Being at USM has opened so many doors of opportunity for me that I would have never imagined possible. These include a job at a local dance studio, being accepted for internships, auditions, joining a sorority, being a part of a school that has been Conference USA champions in football and basketball, going on mission trips, and having the opportunity to compete in the Miss America Organization. I love the choice that I have made and would not trade it for anything. I love my Southern Miss
What is one important thing you have learned from being in the Miss America Program? Dedication and Persistence. Being in the Miss America program is not something you do for a few days. It is a lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that requires dedication and persistence to achieve a goal. You cannot let anything hold you back or let anything push you to give up
If you are crowned Miss Mississippi, what do you want to accomplish during your Year of Service? I want to embody the four point of the Miss America crown: Style, Scholarship, Success, and Service. Being Miss Mississippi is about serving as a role model to young girls. Having these four qualities will help fulfill my dreams and goals, and inspire others, It is important to be updated with today’s style to make great first impressions. Education is the key to success. Being able to work towards a goal, no matter how much dedication it will take, teaches you the value of success. Lastly, giving back to others is the
hallmark of service. We should all pass it forward to help society come together as one. As Miss Mississippi, I hope to spread this message to others
What is your secret wish or dream? I would love to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé. Her show is out of this world, and I her music just makes me want to groove all the time
I’m motivated by: The fear of failure. The feeling of failure motivates me to work harder and to not give up
Is there a personal connection that made you pick your personal platform? I have been working with the St. Jude organization for over 3 years. In fall 2013, I was able to go visit the hospital in Memphis, TN with an organization called Delta Delta Delta. We were able to tour the Hospital, but before our tour started there was a patient who was leaving. I stopped to talk to him and his mom. It just so happened to be his birthday! I gathered everyone up and we sang Happy Birthday. The room was filled with tears of happiness. It reinforced to me how something as simple as the birthday song can make such an impact. I fell in love with St. Jude and have been inspired to help since then
What do you think has been the most significant event in your lifetime? I have been blessed to work with FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes- summer camps. I am able to work with middle school and high school cheerleaders in helping them strengthen their walk with Christ. Working these camps has taught me a great deal about the younger generation and how they don’t have enough positive role models to look up to. These young girls and camps have inspired me to stay true to my morals and to always work towards success
The one thing I can’t live without: As a dancer, I hate being cold, especially my feet. I cannot live without fluffy socks
My best friend would describe me as: I am very optimistic. You will never see a frown on my face or hear me say anything negative. Life is too short to go through life with regrets and failure. I try to live every day to the fullest no matter what obstacles are thrown my way
Something interesting about my family: If I could define my family with one word, it would be unity. It means to be one. We always find the time to come together throughout the year. Having over 35 close family members by your side is an amazing support system and makes our bond so strong
Funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me: I was performing a dance to “Roxie” from Chicago at a dance recital. Little did I know, my costume was on wrong. I was in such a rush, my feather boa that was supposed to be on my bottom; instead it was in between my legs. The show must go on. So, I kept dancing even though I looked like a crazy chicken
One thing I’d like to try that is out of character for me: I would love to go backpacking in Montana. I don’t like little creatures, but the adventure of rock climbing, kayaking, and living off the land for a few days would be so much fun
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and tell us their names: I have a 17-year-old cat name Lucy. In human years she is 80